Philadelphia conducting experiment to save gunshot victims

“This might be a situation where more isn’t better.”

Joann Taylor, a block captain, retorted: “We’re already gambling with people’s lives.”

It is being headed by Temple University Hospital’s chief of surgery, Dr.

“All of the evidence we have points to us being right, but if we are wrong, we will end the study early,” Maher told the community group.

“You’re using people to do this study,” said Charles Lanier, head of a neighborhood revitalization group. They can obtain a wristband by filling out a form online or on paper.

Dr. “I hear what you’re saying, but in the interim, you’re still sacrificing somebody to prove which (method) is better.”

“If we said we were going to give another medicine, people would tend to go, ‘Let’s see if this works,'” he said. As part of the process, Dr. But supporters of the study say that for victims who are bleeding through an open wound, these procedures may cause an increase in blood pressure that can accelerate blood loss and death.

Maher, who is white, gave a 20-minute slideshow at a recent meeting in Hunting Park, a largely black and Hispanic neighborhood. Patrick Reilly, trauma chief at Penn Presbyterian Hospital, a study partner, said doctors and society tend to think more is better.

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — In all of last year, there were only 22 days when someone wasn’t shot in Philadelphia. Her audience was initially dubious.

Karen Maschke, a scholar at the Hastings Center, a medical ethics think tank in suburban New York City, said the experiment appears ethically sound.

A version of this experimental approach is already in place.

It’s a counterintuitive approach that could test long-held beliefs and change practices at trauma centers across the country.

Temple has been working for five years to set up the study. It could end early if researchers are able to prove or disprove their theory sooner.

During the study, paramedics treating adults who have been shot or stabbed in the torso will, on a random basis, not insert a tube down a victim’s throat or administer intravenous fluids – two traditional life-saving techniques some doctors say may actually harm such patients.

The Temple surgeon patiently laid out her case, even as she acknowledged the selection process is “like the flip of a coin.” Retrospective studies, she said, have shown that gunshot and stabbing victims given basic life support – such as an oxygen mask, CPR or immobilization – had an 18 percentage-point survival advantage over those given advanced procedures, such as intubation, in an ambulance.

For a generation, many Philadelphia police officers, instead of waiting for an ambulance, have been taking shooting and stabbing victims to the ER in their cruisers, a practice known as “scoop-and-run.” Data from the longstanding practice helped inform the surgeons proposing this study.

The study, involving all six of Philadelphia’s trauma hospitals, has been exempted from the Food and Drug Administration’s informed-consent rules, which require research subjects to be told the risks and benefits and to give permission in advance – something not feasible with gravely wounded people.

And every resident of or visitor to Philadelphia could become a study subject, though the biggest effect will probably be in the most violent neighborhoods – poor, mostly black sections where people are skeptical of essentially being experimented on.

. Zoe Maher, a Temple trauma surgeon, has been giving presentations at community forums.

Yanitza Gonzalez, a councilwoman’s representative, chimed in: “It’s almost like we’re gambling with people’s lives.”

Philadelphians who don’t want to participate in the study if they are ever wounded can opt out by wearing wristbands indicating their wishes. “Sometimes that’s going to mean you can’t stop and ask people if it’s OK.”

Now, in a bold effort to stem the bloodshed, several Philadelphia hospitals are about to conduct a citywide experiment that will ask: When gunshot or stabbing victims are being rushed to the emergency room by ambulance, could paramedics do more to save them by doing less?

“If this is not a public health crisis, I don’t know what is,” she said.

Some paramedics have opted out of participating.

Organizers had to meet certain requirements before launching the study, including getting approval from city and hospital review boards that oversee research on humans, holding community meetings and informing a certain percentage of the public.

Last year, there were 236 homicides in Philadelphia and more than 1,200 shootings, or one roughly every seven hours. Nearly 1 in 5 victims died.

The study is expected to start in the fall and last five years, or until doctors have about 1,000 patients, whichever comes first. Amy Goldberg, who has treated thousands of shooting victims in the three decades she has worked in Philadelphia.

“Getting to the emergency room, where equipment and experts are waiting, is a really critical window, especially for people with any kind of wound that involves bleeding,” said Maschke, editor of the journal IRB: Ethics & Human Research. Of those victims, nearly 700 were black men ages 18 to 34.

Normally, paramedics intubate patients to keep their airway open, and give IV fluids to counteract a drop in blood pressure

Cybergambling returns — and this time it’s legal

“Blackjack and poker have a very human element that’s lost online. — notably sports betting.

But analysts are mostly rolling with Christie and the casinos. Chris Christie validated the vice in the waning weeks of 2013, saying he hoped to rake in $1 billion in casino revenues this year, of which the state will collect a 17 percent tax.

- Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association

Not everyone agrees with the odds. market could be worth as much as $9 billion in the coming years as other states, including California, legalize online wagering.

. “That’s where I see the huge potential in online gambling, and I reckon the U.S. They play against the house at Virgin Casino, and they can finance their wagers with debit cards, credit cards, or in person.

Prohibition failed – again

Last month, the president and CEO of the American Gaming Association testified before Congress and urged legislators to repeal their 7-year-old ban on Internet gambling.

Freeman said the Department of Justice has relaxed its views toward online gambling since 2011, and this could open up even more opportunities in the U.S. “The federal government has tried the prohibition approach – specifically the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 and the Wire Act – and through multiple Justice Department crackdowns on offshore operators as well.”

Mega-entrepreneur Richard Branson’s Virgin Group is the latest entry in online gambling, teaming with the Tropicana Resort in Atlantic City and online game maker Gamesys to bring online poker, blackjack and slots to New Jersey this week. market research firm H2 Gambling Capital, which focuses on the gaming industry, predicted about $300 million for New Jersey’s online casinos — or about $45 million in tax revenue, according to the New York Times. But new laws across the nation are rolling the rules back — and lawmakers think they’re holding a royal flush.

Globally, the business is even more lucrative. Virgin could be holding a full house, but it could also fail before the flop.

“It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out,” said Laurence DeGaris, associate professor of marketing at the University of Indianapolis and an expert in Internet culture.

“Last year, before a single state authorized legal online gaming, Americans spent nearly $3 billion on illegal, unregulated offshore gaming sites. In online casino gambling, it’s about the game more than the bet.”

To prevent unauthorized access, Virgin Casino physically locates gamers’ cellphones periodically. U.K. “If we are unable to determine that you are in New Jersey, you will be unable to play on Virgin Casino,” the site notes. H2 said the industry was worth $33 billion in 2013, with $4.5 billion coming from mobile gambling on iPads, iPhones and smartphones.

“Those from other states can play, but they cannot wager,” Fenton said. If your phone is off, or if you’re too near state borders, you may not be allowed to play.

“There will be many games to play online in New Jersey,” Fenton told Nevada and Delaware also began offering some online gambling last year, but New Jersey is the first state to “fully” legalize it, said Lee Fenton, the chief operating officer of Gamesys.

“Prohibition simply does not work,” Geoff Freeman told a House panel on Dec. 10. Not just poker.”

And New Jersey isn’t alone; eight other states have bills in the works that will allow Internet gambling as well. will catch up to the rest of the world and allow it at some point.”

Players must be at least 21 years old, and either reside in New Jersey or be in the state when they place their bets. Gov. That doesn’t translate online,” DeGaris told To put that into further context, Americans accounted for nearly 10 percent of the entire $33 billion worldwide online gaming market,” Freeman said.

Legalizing gambling across the U.S.

What happens online, stays online

Six other firms, including popular companies like and Ultimate Poker and other casinos like Caesars and the Golden Nugget, participated in the “soft play” launch of online gambling in New Jersey in November, the state’s Department of Gaming Enforcement Director Dave Rebuck said during a recent conference call.

Congress banned online gambling in 2006. Others predict the overall U.S. “Blackjack, slots. will generate – in addition to tax revenue from the proceeds at casinos – approximately 22,000 new online gambling-related jobs, Freeman testified.

Many Americans simply ignored the ban, he noted, as the country did during Prohibition in the ’20s.

“In sports gambling, it’s about the bet,” DeGaris said. “The technology is rolling out this week.”

‘Last year, before a single state authorized legal online gaming, Americans spent nearly $3 billion.’

“Slots and roulette are very visceral games, lots of bells and whistles

How To Bet And Win In Horse racing

Placing a $100 dollar bet on a good trifecta will give you a broad nice smile on you face when collecting your winnings.

Exacta: In the exacta, you can pick the horses that will finish first and second in exact order. All horse tracks offer exacta betting on most races. These bets are not available in all races as many factors depict if a customer can wager on a high 5 race such as the amount of horses in the race. The odds of picking the six winners in six races are high and so are the payoffs.

Pick 9: Same as the Pick six, the only difference is that the odds are stacked much more higher and so is the payout. The Odds of the quinella are much higher than a direct win, so more money will be won if the quinella comes through.

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High Five: You are wagering that your choice of 5 horses will finish 1st through 5th places in a single race. So if you bet that horses number 6 and 7 will come first or second, doesn’t matter which one comes first or second. Betting beg on a pick 9 can give you millions in winnings.

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Quinella: The Quinella is a term given to a bet that picks the two horses which will come first and second no matter the order.

Pick Four: Are you feeling a bit more lucky? well pick four is for you, you are wagering that your choice of 4 horses will win in FOUR consecutive Races. So your wager is on horses 6, 5, 7 & 8 (all in 4 consecutive races)

Trifecta:If you are really lucky or really know your horses, you can wager on what is called a trifecta. A trifecta is where three horses are placed in the exacta order of finishing 1, 2, and 3

Gaming – InfoBarrel

From simple to complex, intellectual to sports related and the highly dynamic violent games, name it and you have a long list of choices.

- Dexterity/coordination games

- Simulation – Games of this type are extensions of childhood games where children pretend being in adult roles such as doctor, parent or fireman. Today these games are primarily electronic and cover a diversity of imaginary contexts that the modern computers try to recreate as a form of virtual reality.

“A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool. Here, online gamers met and have formed virtual camaraderie through the game preferences they had. In addition, such games are fairly simple to finish off, so gamers are not at all pressured to play for more hours.. A lot of games are now being introduced to the public. Furthermore, there are times when people would simply want to relax and play a game without having to deal with the other players. While games for offline gaming are still available and loved by some people, the majority already prefers the online games at present.

- Pencil and paper games

- Business games

There are many different types of games.

Gambling involves activities like casinos, sports books, poker, video poker, craps, black jack, roulette, slot machines, lottery and skill games – just to name a few. Knowing the trend in online gaming, it is expected that there’s more to come in the future that’s completely exciting. These games involve taking on the role of a character in the game and controlling the choices of the character while working with their strengths and weaknesses.

- Dice games: Backgammon , Dice Chess, Ship, Captain, and Crew (or Six Five Four), Shoot the Moons, Strat-O-Matic

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To play online, you must register first to be qualified and enjoy the benefits of various online gamers club. As a member, you may avail of discounts on games for sale, get the freebies given to its member, and the opportunity to meet and play with other online games enthusiasts worldwide. But more than the prize being offered, online gamers are interested on the title for each competition. That is why more and more IT experts are religiously developing new games or simply improving the current prevailing games since there is a huge public clamor for such.

Offline Gaming

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Information technology has certainly made a big impact to humankind. It has gained its popularity which led to the existence of arcades. Key components of games are goals, rules, challenge, and interaction. Even with the numerous online games available, offline gaming is still going to exist and probably preferred by some.

- Card games: Poker, Baccarat, Canasta – to name just the most popular and well known


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These games require a PC or laptop, but an Internet connection is not needed. Some are old games that are just modified to fit with the modern times while some are totally new. In the case of The Sims 3, it can be played either in a computer or PS3 console. Games generally involve mental or physical stimulation, and often both. The classification made by Wikipedia goes like this:

Offline gaming is a cool way to fill in time and enjoy, especially when you cannot go online. Many games help develop practical skills, serve as a form of exercise, or otherwise perform an educational, simulational, or psychological role. One significant development has something to do with the way games are being played. Time, distance and nationality are defied in the so-called growing cyber world that gathers online gamers. And for these reasons, this is where offline gaming comes into play. By the year 1990, its popularity has hit the highest point, but eventually dropped since the market did not expand quickly as what was expected. Almost every aspect of human interest turned out to be very accessible. Watch out for that.

The Sims 3

Need for Speed: Shift

The Orange Box

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Starcraft 2

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Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia © 2001-2010 (

Offline gaming began in the year 1970. They are really popular in both real and online world.

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Are you interested in playing games or in gambling? In real world, offline or online?

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Online Gaming

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With offline gaming, the usual games could last around 20 to 100 game play hours

CNN – Gambling online? You bet!

The original version of Kyl’s bill failed most of these tests.

Does the seeming invincibility of online gambling make it an enticing business? Jason Ader of Bear Stearns, urges caution.

First, legislation should treat physical activity and cyberactivity in the same way. Says Sinclair of Christiansen/Cummings: “You are going to feel more comfortable wagering with a Hilton than you will with Joe’s Casino.”

But over the last several months, at least some traditional casinos have pursued the time-honored strategy of joining an Internet gambling trend that they can’t beat. Almost all online gambling sites work the same. Would-be wagerers open an account with a credit card, although some sites also accept cash and cashier’s checks. The Internet is presently unregulated and we support a federal law regulating Internet gambling.”

So how is it that these companies appear to operate legally, but a dozen Caribbean cowboys found themselves under felony indictment?

Finally, the DoJ believes that any federal law must recognize that the Internet is different from other communications media: It’s a multifaceted communications medium that allows for both point-to-point transmission between two parties (like the telephone), as well as the widespread dissemination of information to a vast audience (like a newspaper). (The company’s Indian casino and Web-development divisions make more.) “This is the really exciting point, because I know where it goes from here,” Speer said in an interview. Aruba, for one, is refusing to extradite any indicted individuals to the U.S., and thus far the U.S.

The prosecutors’ focus on sports bets appears to stem from legal precedent in the law they relied on. Although it uses a CryptoLogic template similar to several other online casinos, may be unique in letting bettors wager as little as a penny at a time.

Similarly, the Las Vegas-based public company American Wagering, owner of Leroy’s Horse and Sports Place in Nevada, also operates a sports gambling site located in Canberra called MegaSports ( Justice believes that any legislation addressing criminal misuse of computers or computer systems (including the Internet) should have three vital characteristics. As Timothy L. Kyl introduced a revised version earlier this year, removing some of the more onerous and hard-to-enforce provisions. His equal partner is Australian tycoon Kerry Packer of the Crown Casino in Victoria.

But the growing acceptance of online betting and the Internet’s inherent ability to shatter jurisdictions bring the inconsistencies of American gaming law to a boil.

If such gamblers are not satisfied by options available to U.S. But following a 1997 indictment, the state of Missouri settled a suit against the company and its president, Michael Simone, for about $35,000. White’s hesitancy suggests that the law may not be as solid as she thought when she indicted.

That partnership leads many observers to believe that an online casino – using Microsoft platforms, of course – is in the works.

Running an online casino carries all the usual challenges of Internet businesses, from low click-through rates to servers that fail. (However, an HBO sports program attempted to locate one of these ventures in Aruba, and ultimately found that the genuine server was in a residential neighborhood in Bethlehem, Pa.) And the Caribbean nations would like to keep their haven status. “Federal legislation will make it difficult but not impossible for Internet gamblers in the U.S. “The telephone is being used to facilitate these wagers and I believe the government has a solid case,” explains Tony Cabot, a Las Vegas-based gaming lawyer and author of a book on Internet gaming. 474, introduced into the Senate by Arizona’s John Kyl in 1997 as the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. In 1997, published reports put the total number of operating online casinos at 15. Packer is a man with a voracious gambling appetite. Estimates range from $650 million to $1 billion a year, worldwide – a tiny fraction of the amount spent on more traditional formats.

Nonetheless, some experts think the case could be made to stick.

Gambling is as at least as old as Christianity (that is, if Ben Hur can be trusted). The Wire Act obviously has no mention of wagering over the Internet. Legislators have considered enlisting Internet service providers to patrol for undesirable sites, although Internet gambling insiders consider that proposal dead on arrival. Tony Cabot, an attorney specializing in gaming issues, says flatly, “When you see Kerry Packer get together with Microsoft, you have to believe there is a future for this type of wagering.”

You might think that the prospect of competing against the likes of Microsoft would terrify a $20 million company like Inland. “Think about what would happen to Wal-Mart (WMT), General Motors or Microsoft if these companies had to continue to dodge federal roadblocks to access their customers,” says Sebastian Sinclair, senior associate at Christiansen/Cummings Associates, a management consulting firm. In January, MegaSports began taking Internet bets from Australians; it expects soon to allow global gambling on sporting events. In 1998, the Senate passed, by a large margin, an amendment prohibiting Internet gambling, but that bill died before becoming law. In most cases, this means operating out of Australia. At one point, Interactive Gaming looked like it could be an industry leader.

Today, Americans spend some $600 billion a year on legal gambling, making it by far the favored national pastime.

But even if Congress comes up with the best-crafted legislation in history, there are significant factors beyond its control. About 2,000 years later, Bugsy Siegel took the concept a step further and built the Flamingo Hotel in the desert town of Las Vegas. FBI agents placed bets on games – uniformly National Football League matches, although many other options are available – and followed up, whether they won or lost. Attorney White has proceeded slowly and quietly. The defendants, many of whom live abroad, were threatened with up to five years in prison and $250,000 fines. (The company did not respond to repeated requests for an interview.)

Group calls for regulation of Net gambling

For years, another barrier to the growth of Internet gambling has been strong opposition from those most threatened by gambling sites: legal American casinos. Blackjack players can very easily count cards, or even consult odds charts; the site actually has a printable chart showing the best strategy for every possible hand of blackjack. Why should it be legal to bet online on a horse race in another state, but not legal to bet on a basketball game in one’s own state? If Native American tribes can establish new, legal, physical places where adults can gamble, why shouldn’t someone be able to do the same in cyberspace?

The office of U.S. “Since there are no controls at present regarding Internet wagering, I would urge investors to shun these firms at present,” he says. citizens, it will be increasingly tempting for them to turn to locations abroad. In the ’70s, Atlantic City legalized casino gambling; in the ensuing decades, state lotteries, Indian casinos, gaming ships, offtrack betting parlors and card clubs have sprouted across the landscape. “Ultimately, Internet gambling operators are selling a product. attorney for the Southern District of New York, indicted 14 managers of six Internet companies for offering gambling on their sites.

Prosecutors focus on sports betting

Intriguingly, though, all the bets that make up the U.S. For decades, Vegas was about the only legal option for gamblers. Anyone over the age of 18 can set up an account with Centrebet and place money on a variety of worldwide sporting events, including U.S. Even the precise number of online casinos is hard to calculate. Her higher-ups in the Justice Department appear to agree. The American Gaming Association, a trade group of gaming firms, maintains this view regarding online wagering: “The industry has been state-regulated and we think it should remain that way. Failure to account for that specificity in legislation could stifle the Internet’s growth or chill its use as a communications tool. has had little cooperation from any other nation. And for sports bettors – who make up a majority of online gamblers, according to industry insiders – the ease of using cyberbookies can’t be beat. One Australian state, Queensland, is already awarding licenses for online gambling, and others may follow soon. Passed during the term of crime-fighter Attorney General Robert Kennedy, the law was intended to outlaw betting over telephone lines. They almost always include slots, blackjack and video poker, but many sites carry more exotic games, from baccarat to pai gow. That figure exaggerates the size of the Internet gambling sector, since some companies operate more than one online betting parlor. That may suggest that, as some legal observers have argued, the 1961 federal Wire Act is too old and too loosely written to prohibit online gambling. He claims Inland’s Internet gambling business went slightly into the black in March, on annualized revenues of about $1 million. A Ninemsn spokesperson says that the site does not now offer online gambling and would not comment on future plans. “And it is possible that records could be subpoenaed of various banks where these companies maintain accounts.”

Is Microsoft betting too?

The potential action is too compelling for even the largest tech tycoons to resist. “I use the service because it’s convenient and I have access to it when I want,” says one online gambler. According to an analysis by Sue Schieder of Rolling Good Times, the online gambling magazine, the new legislation would not punish the casual bettor. Their case is based on the 1961 Wire Act. Bets generally range from $1 to as much as $300.

But a hard-core base will continue to turn to Internet betting for its clear advantages. Today, a roster on one “gambling portal” site lists well over 200. attorney’s case involved the casinos’ sportsbooks. But they say the more bettors, the better. Says Opel, “Bringing in the big names and established companies only adds credibility and visibility to what we’re already doing.”

Is it legal?

A few hurdles have to be cleared before such ventures can take off – beginning with the federal government. Casino games are available on a site or via downloadable software. I’ve not had problems being paid.”

Internet Gambling Worldwide, Past and Future

More than a year later, however, no cases have come to trial, and nine defendants have accepted plea bargains for state misdemeanor charges with no jail time.

It’s not because they operate in any fundamentally different way. college and professional sports. O’Brien observes in Bad Bet, his comprehensive account of America’s gambling industry, “Judging by dollars spent, gambling is now more popular in America than baseball, the movies and Disneyland combined.” . The vast majority of customers will satisfy their demand for commercial gambling through less onerous and risky alternatives, such as lotteries, bingo, pari-mutuels and casinos.”

One major barrier to profitability is the law. But as more and more traditional firms become involved, the consumer will look for the brand name. to gain access to offshore sites,” says Sebastian Sinclair of Christiansen/Cummings. The minimum amount to begin an account varies. In a highly publicized March 1998 “raid,” Mary Jo White, the U.S.

All the sites indicted by the U.S. For one thing, gambling from one’s home allows for a variety of techniques that would get one tossed out of a regular casino. attorney’s office theoretically operate out of the Caribbean. Even the firms that have enjoyed some stock-price popularity – such as – have shaky fundamentals.

Second, legislation should be technology-neutral. One of Microsoft (MSFT)’s less-publicized adventures is Ninemsn, an Australia-based Internet service to which Bill Gates has pledged tens of millions of dollars.

Take Interactive Gaming and Communications, another publicly traded company, located in Blue Bell, Pa. The Standard obtained a Department of Justice analysis of the bill S. But according to Inland CEO Don Speer, elusive profits need not be one of them. Like the Communications Act passed in the 1930s, technology has now leapfrogged the law. That makes for an Internet gambling environment too porous for U.S law enforcement to plug. Inland, for example, operates two Web sites in addition to the one bearing Kenny Rogers’ likeness: and The Justice Department doesn’t think that online casinos (including those that offer gambling on sports events) can legally conduct business in the United States, even if they are based in places where gambling is legal. If an activity is prohibited in the physical world but not on the Internet, the Internet becomes a safe haven for that criminal activity. In November 1998, for example, a division of Hilton Hotels acquired the company that runs Centrebet, a Web and telephone sports-wagering system based in Australia ( “I wager on football games and usually bet in the neighborhood of $1,000 every weekend. “We get daily reports, and you’ll see these people who spend a couple of hours gambling, and the total amount they bet is like $1.81,” says Thomas Holmes, Inland’s head of technology. Together, these sites have about 4,300 registered customers in 96 countries around the world.

The amount spent on Internet gambling is harder to calculate. But the travails associated with fending off lawsuits have essentially put the company out of business. Legislation tied to a particular technology may quickly become obsolete and require further amendment. … If, on the other hand, an activity is in the physical world – betting on horses, or casino betting with Indian tribes – it becomes subject to federal criminal sanction when it occurs in cyberspace. Nor would it prohibit online fantasy sports leagues, online lotteries in states where they are legal, or online betting on any live horse race where it would otherwise be lawful to wager

Ncaa Basketball Predictions 2011 – 2010 Rutgers Football Predictions

At tight end sophomore DC Jefferson returns, and figures to make a much bigger impact in his second season as a starter.

After finishing 9-4 in 2009, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights enter 2010 off five straight winning seasons. The rest of the Big East teams better beat the Knights while they can, as this team is primed to be one of the top teams in the conference in 2011 and 2012 with so many young playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. The Knights bring back starting strong safety Joe Lefeged, and he figures to be one of the top safeties in all of the Big East this season. The Scarlet Knights will return just 12 starters for the 2010 season, but with another relatively easy non-conference schedule I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Knights finish with a winning record again in 2010. The Scarlet Knights will send two new young players into the starting lineup this season, in red-shirt freshman Brandon Coleman and sophomore Tim Wright. Sophomore Khaseem Greene is projected to take over at the vacated free safety spot.

The Scarlet Knights also bring back one of the top running backs in the Big East in junior Joe Martinek, who ran for a team best 967 yards and nine touchdowns as a sophomore. Sanu was also a big factor in the running game, with 348 yards and five more touchdowns. The Knights do bring back one of the top left tackles in the conference in junior Art Frost, but there are plenty of holes that need to be filled before the season gets underway.

Quarterback Tom Savage made the 2009 Freshmen All- American team after throwing for 2,211 yards with a solid 14-7 touchdown to interception ratio. Ncaa Basketball Predictions 2011


The Scarlet Knights figure to be strong up front on the defensive side of the ball, as they return three of four starters to a defense that allowed just 103 yards per game on the ground. Sophomore Steve Beauharnais looks to have the early edge in the middle, while junior Manny Abreu figures to step at the open weak-side linebacker spot.


At wide receiver the Scarlet Knights will have to replace Tim Brown, who had a monster senior season with 1,150 yards and nine touchdowns. It looks like red-shirt freshman Darrell Givens will get the first crack at replacing McCourty, as he is projected to step in and start opposite of junior David Rowe. The Knights do have road games against four of the top teams in the Big East, as they must travel to take on Pitt, USF, Cincinnati, and West Virginia. Look for sophomore De’Antwan Williams to be more of a factor this season, after rushing for 235 yards and one score as a true freshman.

Ncaa Basketball Predictions 2011

Prediction – 4th Big East: The Knights have the chance to be the surprise team in the Big East this season, but a lot will depend on the production they get out of the offensive line and the newcomers on the defensive side of the ball. Ncaa Basketball Predictions 2011

The Scarlet Knights lost one of the top corners in the country in Devin McCourty, and there is no question they will struggle to replace his production. We will find out just how good this kid is in 2010, as the Scarlet Knights have to reload up front on the offensive line. Despite the strong finish in 2009 the Knights were just 3-4 in conference play, a big disappointment for a team that was picked by a lot of experts to win the Big East last season. Savage has already earned a spot atop the top quarterbacks in the Big East, and you have to believe he is only going to put up better numbers in his second season.

At linebacker the Scarlet Knights will have to find a new starter at both middle linebacker and on the strong side, as the only returning starter to this unit is senior weak-side linebacker Antonio Lowery. Junior Eric LeGrand and sophomore Scott Vallone return at the two starting defensive tackle spots, and they also get back two talented players on the outside in senior defensive ends Jonathan Freeny and Alex Silvestro.

There is no question that the Scarlet Knights are loaded with young talent at the skill positions, but none of that will really matter if the offensive line doesn’t produce. Ncaa Basketball Predictions 2011. The front runner to step in and have a big season for the Scarlet Knights on the outside is sophomore Mohamed Sanu, who finished up 2009 with 51 catches for 639 yards and three touchdowns. Here is a quick preview of what the Scarlet Knights will look like this season, plus my prediction on where they finish the year in the Big East

10 Steps You Can Take To Stop Gambling Today

Know that there are 1000’s of recovering gamblers. -Author Unknown.


Make a list of the people you love & love you back. If needed, list them out. If you want to stop starting right now, block all access to money. He’s overcome his own addiction to gambling & has helped many others do the same. In the beginning the constant thoughts and urges to gamble can be intense. If you gamble online, get gamblock today.

When you absolutely must stop gambling right now, here are 10 steps you can take today.


Recovering in numbers is key. Its best to find someone who’s been in your shoes, but hasn’t gambled in quite some time.

Make sure you like them, they have your best interest in mind, & truly do help you. Put up pictures of them & when you see it, remember that’s who you’re stopping for.

Recognize that if you gamble, you’re letting them down.

Remind yourself of all the bad things that have been caused by your obsession to gamble. Carrying recovery reading & phone numbers help. There are therapists, counselors, & life coaches out there trained to help you stop.

. Good help seems to come from ex-gamblers themselves because they’ve been there, & they understand. Have phone numbers listed for people to call who support you in your recovery. Combat this with the previous 9 steps & a one on one coach, sponsor, or therapist. Know what to do & who to call if a thought or urges to gamble hits you….(and unfortunately they will).


Stopping Gambling isn’t easy. The only time casinos won’t let you gamble, is when you don’t have what they want……money.

These 10 steps are an excellent start to stopping gambling today.

If you have any unanswered questions or need to be pointed in the right direction email

Jason is a recovered compulsive gambler of over 5 years and a certified professional life coach. You help yourself and others triumph over a common enemy. (because it is the truth).


To overcome something as powerful as a gambling problem or addiction, we must get help from others.

Help is out there in many forms. Know that if they can do it, you can too. Don’t know where to turn to for help? Email


What does this mean exactly? It means you must submit,commit, & trust in the program of recovery you choose. In the moment, you’ll want a plan of action to take when the urge to gamble attempts to overwhelm you.

To learn the secrets to stopping gambling now, & to get 1 on 1 coaching from Jason visit or email Jason at


If you want to stop gambling right now, the first step begins by stopping to carry money. Connect your gambling with the the negative consequences its brought into your life.


If you go to a local casino, take a caring friend and ban yourself for life.

If you play online, contact the online casino and have your account closed permanently, & demand to be banned from their site. You trust that the program will solve your gambling problem, as long as you never give up on it.


Get or print off pro gambling recovery literature & carry it with you at all times.

Read it daily, especially in first months. A gambling problem is very strong, plays many tricks on on our minds, & tries to convince us of many lies. Carry only a very small budget for food each day and thats it.( absolutely no more than $5). Call them ANYTIME you need to.


When your next urge comes, what will you do? You’ll need to know the answer to this. You make lifelong friends who will always understand and care.

This step can be done by attending Gamblers Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, & finding online support and help. Inpatient Treatment is another. This includes credit cards, debit cards, access to bank accounts, checks, loans, etc. (Email the author at for online communities you can join today).

There is but one good throw upon the dice, which is, to throw them away. Gamblers Anonymous is one. There are 1000’s of people who once were severely addicted to gambling, haven’t gambled for months and even years. It may sound funny, but joining a group of fellow recovering gamblers gives you strength & power over your gambling. He is an author, life coach, sponsor, & former GA chapter president, husband, & stepfather.

Author’s Bio: 


Only those who never give up on themselves & their program of recovery beat gambling

Fantasy sports are illegal gambling in Tennessee: attorney general | Reuters

“We call on all of our fans and Tennessee supporters to let their voices be heard in the coming days to show support for this legislation and protect their right to play the games they love,” the company statement said.

Officials in particular have turned their attention to online daily fantasy sports competitions which allow players to draft teams for games lasting just one evening or a weekend, in a turbo-charged version of the original season-long contests.

“Absent legislation specifically exempting fantasy sports contests from the definition of ‘gambling,’ these contests constitute illegal gambling under Tennessee law,” it said.

Tennessee law broadly defines gambling as risking anything of value for a profit whose return is contingent on chance, subject to a few exceptions, the Tennessee attorney general opinion said. The better a chosen athlete performs in real life, the better the player’s fantasy team does.

The opinion from the office of Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery III follows increased scrutiny of fantasy sports from state regulators over the past year, with attorney generals in New York, Illinois and Nevada challenging their legality.

Fantasy sports contests constitute illegal gambling under Tennessee law, the state attorney general said this week in an opinion about a multibillion-dollar online industry that has been challenged legally in several states.

“A person who knowingly engages in ‘gambling’ commits a punishable offense,” Slatery’s office said in the opinion released on Tuesday.. Fantasy sports, which have been popular for decades, allow participants to create fictional teams of athletes from national sports leagues.

Craig Fitzhugh, a Democratic state representative in Tennessee, requested the opinion.

(Reporting by Suzannah Gonzales and Alex Dobuzinskis, editing by G Crosse)

Gambling does not include a lawful business transaction, annual events benefiting nonprofit organizations and a state lottery, according to the opinion.

Slatery’s office, in a three page opinion, challenged the legality of fantasy contests that give players the chance to win a share of a cash prize, which their entry fees help fund.

Top daily fantasy sports companies FanDuel and DraftKings last month agreed to halt their business in New York, betting on a legislative path to make the games legal after a months-long fight.

DraftKings said in a statement it was having “an active dialogue with elected officials” in Tennessee to advance legislation to govern the company’s “skill-based contests”

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NBA Season Preview 2016 – Pretenders

 By botev1921 in Basketball

I continue my series of blogs prior to the NBA season with a quick look into those teams, who are labelled “pretenders” overseas or putting it differently, are very likely to disappoint over the upcoming months. more

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16 October 2015 00:45

. The discussions about contenders and pretenders is very heated every year, but as more and more teams improve via trades, free agent signings or draft picks, the line between being a total outsider and an outsider with enough potential to surprise is pretty thin…

Why We Love Sports — Warts and All

Upsets are the fuel that drives March Madness. However, in sports, the scoreboard will tell you who won and lost within three hours. Mencken once said, “I hate all sports as rabidly as a person who likes sports hates common sense.” Indeed, for the non-believer, the energy sports fanatics spend on “games” is baffling. You don’t get out of [sports] unless you have to.”

This Blogger’s Books and Other Items from…

Athletics (on the ice, courts and fields, not necessarily in the executive suites) is probably the only sphere of life that offers a level playing field, where people from different racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds can meet and test themselves in a fair environment.

Professional golfer Mike Reid might’ve come closest to a quick and dirty answer when he said, “Sports is like life, only with the volume turned up.” So true. There’s clarity and finality.

o Teamwork and Camaraderie — One of the joys of team sports is working and sacrificing together to achieve a common goal. Go to a sporting event and anything can happen. The thing most former jocks miss from their playing days is the camaraderie, not the competition. CBS’ One Shining Moment montage of highlights at the conclusion of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament captures the emotional ups and downs of sports perfectly. Just open your sports page on any given day of the week. Sports provide a link between generations. Go to any major sporting event and you’ll see spectators of different races and socioeconomic backgrounds high-fiving and hugging each other after big plays. Most of us have run into the person that exudes class on the street, and even in the locker room, but on the field or court turns into a total jerk, cheat or poor sport.

One thing’s for sure, you either get it or you don’t when it comes to sports. Maybe sports atheists and agnostics will never understand, but to me, sport — in its purest form — is a spiritual experience.

o True Character is Revealed — In sports, you can’t be a phony. An athlete or coach’s true character, good or bad, will often show through in the heat of battle. They constantly wonder, “Where does the passion for sports come from?”

There certainly are plenty of problems to choose from. Go to a play or concert and you pretty much know what to expect. H.L. Undoubtedly, the number of significant issues in the world of sports has never been greater.

o Spiritual Experiences — Many athletes will talk about times when they were “in the zone,” or “flow” and felt a sense of ecstasy, supreme confidence, and oneness with the universe.

o Lifetime Bonds — Sports often play a big role in nurturing family relationships, whether it’s husband and wife, parent and child, or grandparent and grandchild. When Don Haskins and his five African-American starters at UTEP (Texas Western at the time) beat Adolph Rupp and his five white starters at Kentucky in the 1966 national championship game things changed quickly at Kentucky and throughout the South. The reason I work on sports reform issues all year is because I love what sports can be at their best.

o It’s Fun! — For sports fanatics, nothing can provide as many enjoyable experiences over one’s lifetime as sports. You are what you are. During the few hours of the typical sporting event, participants and fans often run the gamut of emotions — with an intensity seldom matched by other pursuits in life. Whether it’s playing pick-up basketball on the playground with neighborhood friends when you’re 12 or going to NCAA tournament games with a few buddies when you’re a geezer, fun is what first draws you to sports and probably the main thing that keeps you hooked.

o Closer Communities — Nothing builds solidarity in a community like sports. . What distinguishes simple recreation or physical activity from sports is “agon,” a Greek word meaning contest or struggle.

o Unpredictable Entertainment — The history of sports is filled with improbable upsets. For countless Americans, sports have provided the foundation for the development of lifelong friendships. Sports allow the CEO and the custodian to converse on equal footing.

o Clear-Cut Winners and Losers — Determining winners and losers in day-to-day life is often a murky proposition. As former Denver Nuggets coach Doug Moe once said, “There’s nothing like sports. Even total strangers who discover they have a common interest in sports share an instant connection that brings them closer together, if only for a short time.

In the midst of the holiday season, and as the year comes to an end, let’s take a moment and reflect on why sport continues to tug at our souls despite all the ego-based junk that too often gets in the way.

Nevertheless, sometimes it’s important to step back from what’s wrong, and reflect on what’s right. Here’s one man’s shot at some of the reasons sport grabs a hold of us and doesn’t let go:

The holiday season seems like a good time to talk about what’s right with sports. Coaches decided they’d rather win than discriminate and began recruiting African-American athletes. And, even deeper than that, try to understand why we love sports — warts and all.

But there’s much more to the mystical allure of sports. However, today, with athletic opportunities for females proliferating, the passion for sports can be shared with everyone in the family.

o Close to a True Meritocracy — On the fields of athletic endeavor, the desire to win supersedes the penchant to discriminate. Sadly, sports once were primarily the province of males. The playwright/screenwriter, Neil Simon, said it best: “Sports is the only entertainment where, no matter how many times you go back, you never know the ending.” In my mind, it’s the only reality TV worth watching.

And the bonds that result from sharing sports experiences aren’t limited to families.

o A Great Test — Sports give us a chance to test ourselves against others