Why We Love Sports — Warts and All

Upsets are the fuel that drives March Madness. However, in sports, the scoreboard will tell you who won and lost within three hours. Mencken once said, “I hate all sports as rabidly as a person who likes sports hates common sense.” Indeed, for the non-believer, the energy sports fanatics spend on “games” is baffling. You don’t get out of [sports] unless you have to.”

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Athletics (on the ice, courts and fields, not necessarily in the executive suites) is probably the only sphere of life that offers a level playing field, where people from different racial, ethnic and economic backgrounds can meet and test themselves in a fair environment.

Professional golfer Mike Reid might’ve come closest to a quick and dirty answer when he said, “Sports is like life, only with the volume turned up.” So true. There’s clarity and finality.

o Teamwork and Camaraderie — One of the joys of team sports is working and sacrificing together to achieve a common goal. Go to a sporting event and anything can happen. The thing most former jocks miss from their playing days is the camaraderie, not the competition. CBS’ One Shining Moment montage of highlights at the conclusion of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament captures the emotional ups and downs of sports perfectly. Just open your sports page on any given day of the week. Sports provide a link between generations. Go to any major sporting event and you’ll see spectators of different races and socioeconomic backgrounds high-fiving and hugging each other after big plays. Most of us have run into the person that exudes class on the street, and even in the locker room, but on the field or court turns into a total jerk, cheat or poor sport.

One thing’s for sure, you either get it or you don’t when it comes to sports. Maybe sports atheists and agnostics will never understand, but to me, sport — in its purest form — is a spiritual experience.

o True Character is Revealed — In sports, you can’t be a phony. An athlete or coach’s true character, good or bad, will often show through in the heat of battle. They constantly wonder, “Where does the passion for sports come from?”

There certainly are plenty of problems to choose from. Go to a play or concert and you pretty much know what to expect. H.L. Undoubtedly, the number of significant issues in the world of sports has never been greater.

o Spiritual Experiences — Many athletes will talk about times when they were “in the zone,” or “flow” and felt a sense of ecstasy, supreme confidence, and oneness with the universe.

o Lifetime Bonds — Sports often play a big role in nurturing family relationships, whether it’s husband and wife, parent and child, or grandparent and grandchild. When Don Haskins and his five African-American starters at UTEP (Texas Western at the time) beat Adolph Rupp and his five white starters at Kentucky in the 1966 national championship game things changed quickly at Kentucky and throughout the South. The reason I work on sports reform issues all year is because I love what sports can be at their best.

o It’s Fun! — For sports fanatics, nothing can provide as many enjoyable experiences over one’s lifetime as sports. You are what you are. During the few hours of the typical sporting event, participants and fans often run the gamut of emotions — with an intensity seldom matched by other pursuits in life. Whether it’s playing pick-up basketball on the playground with neighborhood friends when you’re 12 or going to NCAA tournament games with a few buddies when you’re a geezer, fun is what first draws you to sports and probably the main thing that keeps you hooked.

o Closer Communities — Nothing builds solidarity in a community like sports. . What distinguishes simple recreation or physical activity from sports is “agon,” a Greek word meaning contest or struggle.

o Unpredictable Entertainment — The history of sports is filled with improbable upsets. For countless Americans, sports have provided the foundation for the development of lifelong friendships. Sports allow the CEO and the custodian to converse on equal footing.

o Clear-Cut Winners and Losers — Determining winners and losers in day-to-day life is often a murky proposition. As former Denver Nuggets coach Doug Moe once said, “There’s nothing like sports. Even total strangers who discover they have a common interest in sports share an instant connection that brings them closer together, if only for a short time.

In the midst of the holiday season, and as the year comes to an end, let’s take a moment and reflect on why sport continues to tug at our souls despite all the ego-based junk that too often gets in the way.

Nevertheless, sometimes it’s important to step back from what’s wrong, and reflect on what’s right. Here’s one man’s shot at some of the reasons sport grabs a hold of us and doesn’t let go:

The holiday season seems like a good time to talk about what’s right with sports. Coaches decided they’d rather win than discriminate and began recruiting African-American athletes. And, even deeper than that, try to understand why we love sports — warts and all.

But there’s much more to the mystical allure of sports. However, today, with athletic opportunities for females proliferating, the passion for sports can be shared with everyone in the family.

o Close to a True Meritocracy — On the fields of athletic endeavor, the desire to win supersedes the penchant to discriminate. Sadly, sports once were primarily the province of males. The playwright/screenwriter, Neil Simon, said it best: “Sports is the only entertainment where, no matter how many times you go back, you never know the ending.” In my mind, it’s the only reality TV worth watching.

And the bonds that result from sharing sports experiences aren’t limited to families.

o A Great Test — Sports give us a chance to test ourselves against others

Kentucky Derby 2016: Hats, horses, odds (and odd names)

There’s an official Derby recipe, but if you don’t care for exactitude just mix yourself up some sugar, bourbon, water, and crushed mint. You usually have to wait several horse generations to reuse a name, and names that belonged to big winners or Hall of Famers can never be used again at all. After hundreds of years and thousands upon thousands of horses, it’s no wonder you have to get a little creative. The Jockey Club has tight regulations on what kind of names can be used.

Why do they have such weird names, anyway?

Horse naming is a serious business. Which one has the most excellent name?

We’d have to recommend Suddenbreakingnews, for obvious reasons. Nyquist (the horse) was purchased by a die-hard Detroit Red Wings fan and named after Gustav Nyquist (the Swedish hockey player). Here’s everything you need to know to get that solid Derby experience.

Who has the best odds?

The overwhelming favorite to win the race is a horse named Nyquist, a 3-year-old colt from Kentucky. American Pharoah won 2015’s Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes, making him the first Triple Crown winner in 37 years.

Why do I keep hearing about mint juleps and how can I acquire one as soon as possible?

Mint juleps are the traditional drink served at Churchill Downs during the Derby, and they are delicious. For instance, names can only be 18 characters (including spaces), they can’t have certain artistic or cultural implications and they can’t be named after real people unless the namer gets permission. There’s Mor Spirit and Mo Tom, Danzing Candy and Cherry Wine, Creator and Exaggerator; it’s really a colorful field. Plus, once a name is used, it can’t be used again for a long time, if ever. How many horses are running?

There are 22 horses running in the Kentucky Derby, each with a name more excellent than the last.

I know nothing about horse racing but still want to waste some money by randomly betting on a horse. ET. Nyquist Sr. perform. Post time (the start of the race) is at 6:34 p.m.

The whole shebang will be aired on NBC, with coverage starting at 4 p.m. ET.

Well, Kentucky! Specifically, Churchill Downs in Louisville.

Who won last year?

THAT would be Triple Crown winner and all-around good horse American Pharoah.

Even if you’re nowhere near Kentucky and you know nothing about horse racing, you may still be thinking of tuning in (or even dressing up a little). More than that, wearing an fabulous, obnoxious hat is thought to bring good luck (at least, to you and whatever horse you have the most money on). . is excited to see Nyquist Jr.

Is Nyquist by chance named after an active NHL player?

He totally is. Pour over ice, and enjoy the good life.

Why do ladies wear fancy, view-obstructing hats?

It’s a Southern thing.

How can I watch it?

The 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, May 7. As of mid-afternoon Saturday, his odds to win the Derby stood at 2-1

New Jersey sports betting law struck down by U.S. appeals court | Reuters

Circuit Court of Appeals, Nos. “We were relying on having sports betting to give a big boost to our ailing Atlantic City casinos and our suffering racetracks,” state Senator Raymond Lesniak, a Democrat from Elizabeth who sponsored the 2014 law and a 2011 voter referendum allowing sports betting, said in an interview. Governor of the State of New Jersey et al, 3rd U.S.

One dissenting judge thought the 2014 law permissible despite PASPA. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia said the 2014 law allowing sports betting at casinos and racetracks violated the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, a 1992 federal law prohibiting the practice in all states other than Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon.

Clement was not immediately available for comment.

The American Gaming Association, an industry trade group, wants PASPA repealed.

“We do have two judges dissenting,” Lesniak said, “and we certainly will take a shot at the Supreme Court.”

“Because PASPA, by its terms, prohibits states from authorizing by law sports gambling, and because the 2014 law does exactly that, the 2014 law violates federal law,” Circuit Judge Marjorie Rendell wrote. solicitors general were on opposite sides of the case, with Paul Clement arguing for the sports organizations and Theodore Olson representing New Jersey.

Nevada bookmakers made $231.8 million on sports betting in 2015, the state has said.

The 10-2 decision is a defeat for Republican Governor Chris Christie, who has seen courts void two state laws, including one in 2012, designed to raise revenue through sports betting.

The 3rd U.S. The other thought PASPA was unconstitutional because it violated state sovereignty.. government, called the law “yet another attempt” to allow sports betting “only under the conditions of the state’s choosing.”

Reflecting the stakes, two former U.S. 14-4546, 14-4568, 14-4569.

The sports organizations, backed by the U.S. “It’s just wrong for Congress to deny New Jersey what the state of Nevada has.”

It is also a victory for Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Football League, the National Hockey League and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which opposed New Jersey’s laws.

A federal appeals court on Tuesday said New Jersey cannot legalize sports betting, in a big defeat for supporters of the years-long effort to allow such wagers in the state.

New Jersey argued that its law amounted to only a “partial repeal” of its prohibitions on sports betting, did not “license or authorize by law” such betting, and could help curb the “thriving” black market in the practice.

Rendell acknowledged the law’s “salutary purpose” in trying to revive those troubled industries, but said PASPA does not unconstitutionally “commandeer” the state.

New Jersey’s law banned wagers on state college teams and limited bets to people age 21 and older at casinos and racetracks.

“We are reviewing the opinion and considering our options,” said Paul Loriquet, a spokesman for state Attorney General Christopher Porrino.

(Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn and Tom Brown)

The case is National Collegiate Athletic Association et al v

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Yamaki Acoustic Guitars

Those three companies are the three major companies in Japan that have been and still are making acoustic guitars. You can’t really know how good a quality that guitar is from the picture – you don’t and can’t know whether or not it’s a solid wood construction guitar or not, but I’m betting that that is exactly what it is. But there is also a pretty rare brand of guitar out there that you might run into, and that is the Yamaki brand of acoustic guitar. I very much liked both of them. Basically, the two Yamaki acoustics that I’ve had my hands on both belong to Uncles of mine, and one of those uncles at one point or another had owned both of them.. From the looks of the thing – I’m betting a thousand to one that it’s a solid spruce soundboard, a hallmark of a great acoustic guitar.

If you recall that I mentioned something about having two uncles with Yamaki acoustic guitars – that’s correct. The other one I’d seen once belonged to my grandfather, and I nearly bought it from him at one point. Very Fine And Rare Instruments.

When talking about Japanese made acoustic guitars people tend to think of Yamaha, Takamine, and Alvarez as being the major brands of acoustic guitars that are made in Japan. If you do see one, and it’s in playable or repairable condition at all, then I seriously suggest that you buy that guitar if you are financially able to.

If you know guitars and you look at that picture of a Yamaki acoustic guitar up above, then it’s clear that that guitar is a copy of a Martin D 18. Hell, if I owned a digital camera I’d certainly do that right away for this hub.

The Yamaki Deluxe Acoustic Guitar.

Now – looking at the fine photo above we see an example of the Yamaki acoustic guitar model called “The Yamaki Deluxe.” This guitar more resembles my Uncle Tom’s guitar than does the other photo, and the reason for this is that the sound board of this guitar is clearly a different wood than is the spruce sound board in the top photo. Here’s what I know for certain – I like Yamaha acoustic guitars, and I consider them to be fine guitars, and especially if you buy one of their solid tonewood construction L series guitars – but I’m positive that the Yamaki guitar that I played this past week was better than any Yamaha acoustic guitar that I’ve ever seen or played, in fact, it was a very comparable guitar in quality to the Alvarez acoustic guitar that I fell in love with once at the North Texas Guitar Centre – but a more expensive or fancier guitar.. Were I unable to use that one, then I’d not be able or likely to find another photo so comparable. The sound board on the Yamaki Deluxe model is clearly Western Red Cedar, and that is what my Uncle Tom’s Yamaki flat top guitar features as a sound board.

I can’t speak for how truthful or accurate this next thing is, but the story that I was told was that the way that Yamaki was displayed on the head stocks of their acoustic guitars looked so similar to how Yamaha was displayed on the head stocks of their guitars that Yamaha sued, and had the Yamaki company to change things.

Yamaki Acoustic Guitars. The sticker that should be visible inside the sound hole of his guitar is absent – but Uncle Tom’s Yamaki flat top has abalone inlay up the fingerboard the likes of which would be seen on a Martin D-42, or a Martin D 45.

I’ve seen exactly two of these guitars ever. The thing that is MOST clear from that photo is that the guitar features a spruce soundboard. I became acquainted with one just this last week, and couldn’t have possibly been more impressed with that guitar. My uncle James owns one as well, and that would be the one that my grandfather used to own. In time I’d like to get a good shot of my Uncle Thomas’ Yamaki Acoustic guitar. I’ve not seen that guitar in years – I hope that cleared up any confusion that I might have created.

Yamaki Acoustic Guitars.

I’m sticking to the full sized photo above – because it’s such a beautiful photo.

The Yamaki acoustic guitar that my Uncle Thomas owns would more be a “super Deluxe” or something, it’s a more decorated model than the Yamaki deluxe in the very fine photo above

Legalize sports gambling, NBA commissioner says

He says new regulations would help prevent underage betting while educating those with a gambling problem about how to bet responsibly.

Sports leagues have long opposed gambling on games, claiming it creates incentives for game-fixing. It is currently only legal in Nevada; New Jersey is moving toward legalization — against the opposition of all four major pro sports leagues.

Silver says new laws would have to protect the integrity of the sports.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says it’s time for a new approach to betting on sports.


In an op-ed article for The New York Times published online on Thursday, Silver says fans should have a safe and legal way to gamble on professional games. He suggests a federal framework that allows states to legalize sports betting

Importance of sports facilities in the school

Also we want our child to be a good sportsman along with a very good in academic. As early years have the most impact on the child, it’s important for the parents to research for the schools who provide good quality sports. Schools must comply with it, providing athletic opportunities by enrolling the girl students and having a continued expansion of athletic opportunities to girls. Many colleges recognize sports as part of their core values, and help student athlete balancing between sports and academic career thus maintaining the highest level of integrity and sportsmanship.

Many children join junior teams or community-based sports teams during his years in elementary school because their parents want them to learn the same fundamental values. There are some who merely go for the fitness factor but many top schools take it very professionally and create sportsmen who can play at the district level, state level so that if somebody has interest and is good in some sports, he can join a sport institute as his career.. In India, slowly the culture is coming where parents are giving the importance to the sports, which was lacking in the past. This includes athletics and sports also. The participation of girls now is increasing rapidly, where girls are taking active part on most of the sports. The demand of schools providing good sports facilities is very high, and if one school is proving his superiority in the sports, of-course demand will increase as well. Time to time there are school and college competitions at every level. Skills continue to be refined during years of college and is the skill that eventually will make a success of student-athlete at work.

College Sports for Girls: It is illegal to discriminate against women in any program of education. It allows them to feel the benefits like the boys, and it’s literally helped level the playing field.

No doubt it’s fun to watch your kid participating in the sports events. There was a mindset to have the child owning the academic excellence, even if he is zero in the sports but going by the opportunities, fitness factors etc parents have realized that sport is a part of academics.

School spirit in providing the sport: There are more and more number of schools who are giving many sports facilities to the students. Many medium size school just have a playground, and sell it like they’ve all kinds of sports facilities. This is very important advertising factor for the school. The revenue to the students is, they can go to extra mile to discover and prove themselves in the sports.

We enjoy watching sports in college as pure entertainment. Check out the information on some online ports like http://www.schoolib.com to get the information on the kind s of sports facilities provided by the schools.

Revenue: College Sports bring in money to the school in N number of ways.

Many schools have to the lottery system for students to access to the games popular sports like football, cricket. Moreover college Sports create productive and responsible citizens, strengthening community feeling and create strong schools. Early age is best to learn integrity, collaboration, communication and good sportsmanship. Students can opt for a sport, whereas some sports are compulsory.

The vast gaming facilities require a huge infrastructure, thus fees for these schools is generally very high. Many schools still manage by the vast funds they receive from the alumni, giving less burden to the students.

The importance for athletes in schools: Irrespective of, female or male athlete if you play to a very successful internal team, there are multi fold facilities for athletes. May not be your school, if you want your child to rule some sports

The New Horses Betting Odds

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A lot of people think it can be a way to swindle, but the companies dedicated to this are completely supervised and supported by legal regulations in the National and International races too.

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The new way to play it it’s online by internet, it can sounds like a complicated digital animated horses running into a computer program, but it’s completely different. . This famous sport is called by different ways as online horse racing, online racebook or online horse betting; no matter the way people call it, everybody understand and love this famous horse sport or game.

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Sports Betting Odds by Benered Fransisco

The bookies set a lot of numbers by keeping the public in mind and the person who begins to study can understand easily as to how the person can gain more and on the numbers set by the bookies.

In sports betting odds, the odds are made not by the common people. In sports betting odds, such as football odds is becoming more vibrant each year. The sports betting odds makers set the money line, as more money must be risked for the favorite or the person expected to win and very less on the underdog or the person more likely to lose, so that there occurs a balance between both sides of the contest.

In college, also sports betting odds have taken reign even though it might be considered illegal by many. Sports betting odds can be defined as “the likelihood of an outcome occurring that is stated in a number form”. Money line in sports betting odds is decided by the event winner with no regard to the point spread as there is occurs no point spread. In such sports like boxing, the only thing that counts is who wins and who loses, and in such cases, the money line wagering enters in!

In sports betting line, money line is like point spread that is used to equal the attractiveness of the favorite and the underdog for the person betting. In sports betting odds, there are many things, which are illegal such as transmitting information on gambling across the state for placing, or taking bets is considered illegal. In sports betting odds, the odds are termed as “MONEYLINE”.The sports betting odds there are no point spread for many of the sports such as boxing, tennis etc as there occur no way to measure the points or score in which the player wins or loses by. Apart from this, he also works as a consultant on gaming management, strategies, personnel and marketing. And most of the illegal books of Nevada draw their odds from casinos. It is an entirely different case in sports betting odds, as about 75% of odds are established for the licensed Sports Books in Nevada as well as for Oregon State Lottery by Las Vegas Sports Consultant Inc, which is run by Michael ‘Roxy” Roxborough. The main basis of the wager is the straight up outcome, which is not in to a point spread. But even then, there occur many loopholes through which people play their own gaming!

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Supreme court rejects Delaware sports betting appeal | Reuters

They said the estimated $17 million in sports gambling revenue represented a trivial percentage of the state’s $3.1 billion budget.

In appealing to the Supreme Court, attorneys representing the state argued the appeals court wrongly concluded that Congress had prohibited Delaware from adopting a sports lottery scheme as a way to balance its budget.

The justices without comment let stand a ruling by a U.S. The appeals court ruled that under the federal law Delaware was generally limited to what it offered in 1976.

Attorneys for the professional sports leagues and the NCAA told the Supreme Court the appeal should be rejected. The state went ahead and now offers such betting on at least three NFL games.

(Editing by Eric Beech)

. appeals court that a 1992 federal law prohibits Delaware from offering betting on individual games in all major sports.

By James Vicini


WASHINGTON The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a Delaware appeal that argued the state should be allowed to offer a new sports betting lottery to generate revenue to help ease its record budget deficit.

The appeals court ruled in August that Delaware was limited to parlay betting, or gambling on multiple games, and only on National Football League contests. The North American professional leagues for baseball, basketball, football and hockey and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) all argued that Delaware’s sports lottery plan violated the 1992 law.

Delaware had expected at least an estimated $17 million in revenues from the sports betting plan in the 2010 fiscal year to help close the state’s budget deficit.

The law, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, prohibits betting on sports, but exceptions were granted to Delaware, Nevada, Montana and Oregon because they previously operated some forms of sports gambling.

Delaware offered parlay bets on NFL games for a few months in 1976